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All of our plans contain these 4 fundamental services
Budget Plan

Budget Plan

We break down your monthly cash flow by analyzing your net income minus your expenses. This will also show us where we could potentially re-allocate funds to other areas.

Debt Free

Debt Assessment

We collect all your debt records and carefully analyze a debt payment plan to rid you free of bad debt.


S.M.A.R.T. Goals

We create specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound goals to keep track of your progress throughout the journey.



Depending on the plan, we either text, email, and/or have virtual meetings throughout the time you are with us to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Why Choose Us

Achieve Debt Free Status

Stick with the debt payment plan and you WILL be debt free by the date we calculate.

Gain Financial Knowledge

When it comes to finances, we love to teach and coach our clients on the best financial strategies and the fundamentals of finances.

Plan for the Future

When you know where each of your hard-earned dollar is being allocated, we can carefully predict your financial future.

Know Your Why

For all the financial planning, budget paydown, and SMART Goals to function, you must know your “WHY”. Let us help and define your WHY.

Our Financial Coaching Plans

Financial Vitals

Financial Fitness

Financial Premium

About Us

NO CAP Financial Coaching was created by Paulino Garza and Hector Garza, two nerdy brothers that were determined to help their friends and family when it came to financial knowledge. Both brothers graduated from the University of Houston with a BS in Computer Science (Paulino) and BS in Mechanical Engineering (Hector). 

They noticed a common trend when it came to finances. Most people carry bad debt most of their lives, don’t have a basic understanding of a budget plan and why it’s important to budget, and most important, lack fundamental financial knowledge. That is when they decided to help as many people as possible achieve debt-free status, draw up a budget plan, and align people’s financial goals with their budget plan. 

Featured Client Stories

“Hector and Paul are awesome. They were able to spend 90 minutes to take a deep dive into my finances. They gave me some great ideas on where I can save money and increase my cash flow monthly, to focus on my consumer debt. Very relatable individuals! Please speak to No Cap Financial Coaching if you're curious about improving your personal finances!”
Robert Alfaro
Robert Alfaro
“If anyone is interested in budgeting your finances, NO CAP Financial Coaching is the best place to start. Had a call with them and turned out great we went over finances and came up with a game plan on how to turn it around. Now I see where my money is going and have more control, THANKS GUYS!!!”
David A Gamez
David Gamez
“Their approach to financial coaching feels very natural and customized to the individual’s financial goals. I felt completely confident that I will complete my financial goals in the time planned!”

Perla Trevino
Perla Trevino

Start your financial alignment today so your future self can

“Thank You”.

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” – Edmund Burke